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Dr. Hany El Banna




Muslim Charity Sector emerged in the UK in the 80s, since then it has been expanding; especially in the last 10 years.  With concerns arising to the surface about the Social and Humanitarian issues affecting the Ethnic Minorities in the UK, which shall affect afflicted communities in natural disaster stricken areas and conflict zones abroad.


Responding to the Need

Dr. Hany El Banna who previously initiated “The Flying Doctor” – a tour of field visits to afflicted areas around the world – is now working on the “The Humanitarian Roadshow”, which is a series of interactive lectures / workshops delivered to  audiences across the UK.


The Humanitarian Roadshow aims to

  • Support NGO governors and staff gain deeper understanding of the key issues and challenges affecting humanitarian work;
  • Provide insights into the global picture of the humanitarian sector and strategies for mitigating some of the risks that may impact future humanitarian operations in the UK and abroad;
  • Provide robust examples of failures and successes to learn from;
  • Building on opportunities to become more effective and visible within the sector;
  • Inspire you to take on the roles needed in society and promote community development  and cohesion in the UK and abroad.



“Humanitarian Roadshow” will be running through several cities across the UK during the period 13th-24th December 2016


List of Topics to be covered

Capacity Building

  • How to Build a Leader?
  • Women and Charity Work
  • The Characteristics of the Humanitarian Personality
  • Characteristics of Change
  • Build Capacity of Others and Make Them Independent


Communication Skills

  • How to create the System? Philosophy of What’s Next – Future Planning & Communicating
  • Mix With People And Be Patient To Their Mischief
  • How to Create Culture and Ideology?
  • Communications Skills
  • Reaching out for the needy and vulnerable. A common concern among faith based charities



  • International Humanitarian Era: Challenges and Way Forward
  • Transparency & Good Governance
  • Why make Policies and Laws?
  • Transferring Financial Aid to ‘High Risk’ Areas
  • International Humanitarian Law


Self Development

  • Why we develop?
  • Creativity in the Humanitarian Work
  • Why we plan and create systems?
  • Why we Learn?
  • Why we build renaissance and civilisation?



  • The Gap between North &  South
  • How to Achieve Unity?
  • Fill the Gap
  • The Challenges of Building Partnerships
  • Changing the Present- Dreaming of Future


Field Work

  • Why we respond to disasters?
  • How to Move from Relief to Development?
  • De-risking Effects
  • Working with Humanitarian Principles
  • Why we suffer to make others happy?


Charities need to provide the following

- Meeting / lecture hall;

- Refreshments (if necessary);

- Presentation Projector and screen if needed;

- Printing and distributing handouts.

  - Flip Chart;

- Stationery;

- Audio / Visual


Financial Contributions

The Contribution for providing the training and lecture is left to organisation discretion. The Contribution will go towards the organisations; Muslim Charities Forum, Zakat House and the Humanitarian Forum.


Dr. Hany El Banna

“Humanity is waiting… Not to hear our words… But to see our Actions”

Dr. Hany El Banna described as “a pioneer in the field of Islamic Humanitarianism” has been working tirelessly in the field for over 32 years. Dr. El Banna is co-founder and former president of Islamic Relief Worldwide, the largest Western Muslim NGO in the world. He is also currently the Chairman of both the Muslim Charities Forum and Zakat House and President of The Humanitarian Forum.


Dr. El Banna has delivered lectures and workshops locally and internationally and participated at a variety of conferences to heads of state, ministers and political leaders on stages such as the United Nations, World Economic Forum, UN Agencies, Organisation of the Islamic Cooperation, League of Arab States and Crans Montana Forum among others.



Contact us to book your preferred DAY and TIME during the Roadshow week

Tuesday 13th- Saturday 24th December 2016 to confirm it for you

Mobile: 07400 634934 Office: 020 3096 1981 – or email office:

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