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Hosted Charities

Muslim Charities Forum

The Muslim Charities Forum is an umbrella organisation for Muslim-led international NGOs, based in the UK. Since our inception in 2007 we have promoted collaborative working and knowledge sharing while supporting our member organisations through advocacy, training and research.


The Humanitarian Forum

Work to empower civil society groups at all levels, enabling them to reach their full potential. We create dialogue and understanding between humanitarian and development organizations from Muslim countries or denominations, and their Western and multilateral counterparts from the West and multi-lateral system.


Blesses… Charity Beyond Relief

Work on empowering unprivileged communities and individuals around the world by working with them hand in hand through sustainable development projects and endowments to attain self-sufficient standard of living By directly working with donors and charitable bodies in creating, studying, and implementing these projects we ensure optimum utilization of charitable work resources


Global Human Development Foundation – GHDF

GHDF is about making a difference to the thousands of the less-fortunate children we see every year.  We do this by supporting projects that provide state-of-the-art schools and education centers. We support projects that help to create a more child friendly environment.