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Zakat House is an innovative, UK registered, non profit organisation.

Our goal is to help those much smaller charities and other organisations in finding their way by providing an support such as start up advice, assistance and office space at a reasonable price.

We aim to bring together start-ups and small charities in the UK, all under one roof, creating our “Charity Hub” where they can all share experiences and resources to raise their standards of efficiency and professionalism.

We look to unleash the energies of people who can transform the world in which they live: people in ordinary communities and social entrepreneurs.

We have professional consultants in both the private and the third sector to cement value based partnerships that enhance social innovation and remove barriers faced by social enterprises locally and nationally.

Our Vision

To inspire and assist small organisations to become innovative, effective, and efficient in principle and practice, and to excel in serving the needs of humanity.

Our Mission

To facilitate new concept innovative start up organisations in the third sector to harness their aspirations, and empower them to deliver sustainable programmes improving the issues of social and economic justice and environmental sustainability for a better quality of life.